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Paying It Forward To A Stranger

--by DrJoe, posted Sep 24, 2022
I finished playing a game of ice hockey late the other night. I was craving a slurpee (like a frozen slushie kind of drink) from 7/11 so my wife and I made a detour to get me a drink of that delicious, frozen sugar water lol (I had burned over 1,000 calories and just wanted something cold and sweet).

As I got my slurpee and approached the counter to pay I noticed a young woman walk behind me to wait in line, with a candy bar and slurpee of her own in both hands. I told the cashier I wanted to pay for mine and her items. I just wanted to pay it forward to a stranger and I hope it made her day :)
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greenurlifenow wrote: That is so kind of you. Well done. 👏👏👏👏
pluto178 wrote: I am sure it did x
dotmatrix wrote: Well done. ♥.
Mish wrote: Sweet 👌🏻
Rajni wrote: That is very kind of you.
Helenconnell2 wrote: I'm sure it idid!
janfour wrote: what a nice thing - slurpee kindness
Balou wrote: Wonderful surprise for her!
petroskryf wrote: So kind, thank you
DANCE wrote: Very kind of you

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