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πŸ• Our Kind Of Camping

--by mindyjourney, posted Sep 30, 2022

Since our cabin hOMe is remote, we camp to meet people, experience new things and enjoy a change of place.

In that vein, this last camping excursion graced us with many opportunities to kindly connect.

πŸ•Š Gave flocks of Peace Doves to volunteers at the fish hatchery, clerks, fellow campers, ranger at Devil’s Tower Monument, folks enjoying Kool Deadwood Nights - even one woman who recollected receiving a Dove years ago in a Christmas card from a friend in MN. (Love when the Doves give me a karmic hello like that!)

πŸͺ Gifted restaurant baked cookies to campground office worker along with a Smile card.

πŸ”₯ Camp neighbors invited us over to share their campfire, exchange stories and addresses.

πŸ“š Filled 3 Free Little Libraries in the area with books brought from home, plus added a container of chalk and a child’s cup (from the basket won last month) to a Let’s Play Library.

🐠 Feed for fish at the hatchery to a family whose small child had so much fun feeding the hatchlings!

🌹 Was graciously gifted 2 yellow roses by a passerby in town, who said, “Yellow roses are for friendship. My friend gave me a bunch, so I’m sharing.” Kept one and gave the other to our waitress. *Wonder if all those anniversary roses we give are beginning to return to us? :)

🌧 And to top it all off, there was over 3 inches of rain in our rain gauge when we got hOMe! So needed and appreciated.

Grateful for each and every connection, our cozy camper and the chance to catch up before leaving on another camping trip next week!
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petroskryf wrote: Thank you for seeking every opportunity to be kind to others. So grateful you received those yellow roses, I am sure the roses you give to others so graciously, are returning to you. xx
kmbhai wrote: Big Salute to Peace and Kindness Ambassadors..
DANCE wrote: All sounds and looks wonderful and kind :-)
ado wrote: Beautiful. Thank you for doing these things and great that the dove came full circle when the lady told you about the story of receiving one.
pluto178 wrote: Sounds like a little piece of Heaven……did you see any fairies in the fire…………or were you inspired when looking into the flames. X
Rajni wrote: Your Kindnection is wonderful.
janfour wrote: little libraries=LOVE πŸ’—
ali.gray56 wrote: So wonderful ❀️
gardengal10 wrote: What beautiful giving and receiving. Sounds like another rejuvenating trip.
Mish wrote: Your get aways are good for you both & so good for everyone you share kind acts with. Love your collage too πŸ‘

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