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Kindness Ripples after Giving Groceries ...

--by Rajni, posted Sep 30, 2022

After giving groceries to needy people, I was walking back home. A girl and her sister of needy widowed mother approached with broken chappals that I have given her in the past. I took her to shoe repairer. Shoe repairer quoted me Rs.50 for repairing.

I told the shoe repairer that the girl lives on the streets. The kindness ripple started; he reduced price to Rs. 30.

When I paid Rs. 30, he kept Rs. 10 for himself and gave Rs. 10 each to the girl and her sister. Kindness ripple continues.

I thanked the shoe repairer and told him that he did a very good job.
I rewarded the shoe repairer and his assistant with banana that I bought a while ago. Kindness ripple continues further.

While walking back girl's younger sister dropped peeled banana on the road. She put it in a trash can. I gave her another banana. I also gave cookie packets and sugar packet.

Near the cross roads, I saw girl's mother. I gave more cookie packets.
I thank Sai Baba for giving me opportunities to serve and helping and guiding me.

Doing good holds the power to transform us on the inside, and then ripple out in ever-expanding circles that positively impact the world at large.
-- Shari Arison 
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kmbhai wrote: You are the giver of goodness...Thanks.
mindyjourney wrote: Kindness ripples out in soooo many ways, dear brother Rajni. Wonderful to hear 🍌 🍪.
DANCE wrote: Wonderful!
pluto178 wrote: I do believe it transforms us on the inside its just for us that wonderful feeling x
Mish wrote: Such a kind-full day 👌🏻💗
janfour wrote: this is such a nice way of starting ripples!
Drewtopian_1 wrote: I think I can see my kindness rippling on this website.

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