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Foodbank Donations

--by Helenconnell2, posted Sep 30, 2022
We've started to donate one of the prepared bags at the supermarket for the foodbank each day. I've always liked this idea but didn't always do it because we donated food for the foodbank at the SA in our old home. As we haven't any direct contact with the foodbank here yet, we find the bags are great because the cost which is small goes on our bill and we quickly forget about it.

Tomorrow, I'm going shopping because we want to get some kitchen scales and a bathroom mirror as well as food.

We have a £45 voucher on the store's loyalty card so as well as the items for us, we're hoping to buy a gift card to send to the foodbank where we've come from.
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mindyjourney wrote: Getting in touch with our local foodbank when we moved opened up the door for new friendships too :).
kmbhai wrote: blessings..
petroskryf wrote: So kind of you, Helen. Thank you for reaching out to others in need.
DANCE wrote: Thank u for helping others
Mish wrote: Awesome kindness do, Helen. Bless 👌🏻
Rajni wrote: Your food donation is greatly appreciated
pluto178 wrote: So thoughtful x
janfour wrote: i love when my market has a buy-a-bag offer. thanks for helping!!
fairykats wrote: lovely!

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