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Giving Away The Painted Rock

--by Christine88, posted Oct 1, 2022
Today a client came into the office waiting for another employee to meet her. She was looking at all my rocks and nick nacks on my counter. 

She told her friend, look at this owl!! I told her it was a painted rock I found in San Diego Coronado Beach 3 years ago. The employee arrived and she headed out the door, but first, I whispered to the guy, 'hey, here, give this to her. (It was the painted rock) he asked, are you sure? I said yes, she liked it and I want her to have it.

I ended up leaving for lunch right after that. He gave it to her before I drove away.and she waved. I said I wanted you to have it. She said thank you, I loved it so much. Another item off to make someone happy in life.
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Helenconnell2 wrote: I'm sure your kindness will ripple out!
Mish wrote: You are a beautiful soul, Christine. Bless you.❤️
mindyjourney wrote: The best way to give :). Thank you!
fairykats wrote: I have often been the recipient of this sort of kindness, for I always exclaim over the beautiful items of others. Namaste.
petroskryf wrote: Thank you for giving your special rock to someone. You rock!
DotMatrix wrote: ♥.
pluto178 wrote: Lovely x

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