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⭐️ Sprinkling That Sparkle!

--by mindyjourney, posted Oct 2, 2022

As MisterM and fellow volunteer Randy painted the StoreHouse’s new addition floor, I was privileged to follow immediately behind, sprinkling sparkles (paint chips - for decorative traction) onto the wet cement!

❤️ Every now and then, I’d glimpse a heart-shaped sparkle and smile, thinking they were Divine nods and how grateful I was that the addition was finally nearing completion. It had taken a team of dedicated volunteers months to accomplish. The space would mean more food storage and accessibility for the foodbank.

MisterM went onto the Center, where he patched a wall and then painted it today. He’s becoming quite the “honey-doer!”

Making a difference with our talents and time, helps keep us engaged and feeling useful.

Sparkle on, my kind friends! ⭐️

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fairykats wrote: YAY for MisterM and for MissusM keeping track!
petroskryf wrote: Paint and sparkles can go a long way! Thank you for volunteering and helping so many people out there, both of you!
pluto178 wrote: I love it that you always see that little more than the average guy x
Mish wrote: Great community spirit there. Bless you all 🙏❤️
DotMatrix wrote: ♥.
kmbhai wrote: very beautiful. Big Salute to all members..
Rajni wrote: Job well done MisterM. Your spirit painted our hearts with kindness thoughts. Thanks
ado wrote: Thank you Mindy, Mr. M and Randy for your volunteering work and more bringing joy to the world.
AnnC wrote: You and all the other volunteers are true Earth Angels.

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