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In honor of Gandhi

--by kmbhai, posted Nov 4, 2022
We organized the Gandhi Peace Journey to honor Mahatma Gandhi on his 153rd birthday. We started it with the Gandhi's Bhajan ( Vaishnav Jan tene kahiye, peer parayi Jane na ) and finished it with a moment of silence.

During the journey, we visited Gandhi's monument, had discussion about Gandhi's thoughts and philosophy, and met with many different people.
Thanks to all..

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Mish wrote: 🙏
drjoybug wrote: Fantastic KMBhai..
pluto178 wrote: 🌹
dotmatrix wrote: Wonderful. Let me know about the poster ok? I sent you a couple of messages. ♥
mindyjourney wrote: A powerful way to honor such a great soul 🙏.
Rajni wrote: Making others aware of the Gandhian way and inspiring them to follow is very kind act. It is also a very good way to celebrate Mahatma Gandhiji's Birthday.
DANCE wrote: Wonderful

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