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The Positive Effects Of Energy, An Embrace, And Silence

--by DrJoe, posted Nov 8, 2022
Recently a woman came in for treatment. She mentioned feeling more stressed lately because of being the parent of a teenager.

After treating her I asked her if she would like for me to do some energy work on her, which she excitedly agreed to.

I myself am not yet a parent, but as an empath I can feel her stress and frustration. During the energy work we did not speak. The silence was incredible as it allowed her to relax, and allowed me to focus on helping her become more grounded in that moment.

She was teary-eyed when I finished the energy work and we embraced in a hug after I fetched her some tissues. She left feeling better and more relaxed than when she first arrived. She and her teenager will both be okay, I'm sure -- such is life and we must discover these things on our own.

Without children of my own I cannot offer advice about parenting a teenager. But sometimes, like in that moment, silence can be the best answer and the best advice.
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Dennis826 wrote: Thank you for giving her positive energy. Sometimes it isn`t about what you say, but the vibes that you bring.
kmbhai wrote: positive thinking generates positive energy..
Mish wrote: Silence & your healing energy, Dr. Joe. Bless ❤️
pluto178 wrote: Silence is indeed golden x
petroskryf wrote: Thank you for reaching out with the healing powers of silence as well.
dotmatrix wrote: Energy work is powerful. I do it daily (remotely) for people I love. Bless you in your healing work, Dr. Joe. ♥.
DANCE wrote: You were very kind offering your loving energy
mindyjourney wrote: Being in the healing field is so perfect for your kind heart and wonderful energy. Thank you!

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