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--by Margazhi, posted Nov 13, 2022
Handed out a Holi gift box to my security's family for Deepavali so that the kids can try their hand on Rangoli (beautiful geometrical designs on the ground). We use rice flour in my town but since I am not able to do these, I handed out the organic colours for the lil girls of the security try then with the help of their mother. I buy snacks and sweets from my elderly caterer to give business to his relative? I hope to connect with the plant guy and fix plants in the city shortly. This is how I wish to give back to my hometown. Hopefully next week 🙏
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DANCE wrote: Very kind
Mish wrote: You often find ways to be kind. Bless.🙏❤️
drjoybug wrote: Great kindness shown here
fairykats wrote: Lovely!
lt33 wrote: Wow sounds like beautiful art you guys make with rice is it different colors of rice that you make these designs with on the ground? Would love to see a picture of them if you can post here 😃😉
Rajni wrote: You are doing nice kind acts. To fix plant in the city is your very good plan. It will inspire many to do kind acts.
mindyjourney wrote: Encouraging others to celebrate with their creativity is a wonderful thing! Thank you :)))))

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