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For The Kids

--by Dennis826, posted Nov 13, 2022
I`m an American that teaches English at a public school in Japan. The job is easy and not much is required outside of the classroom. Oftentimes, the other foreign English teachers complain about being left out of the school community and not feeling like they contribute much to the students lives. I decided to challenge that.

Once a week, I`ve been volunteering for the schools Judo club. Everyone gets something out of this: I get to learn judo, the students get to practice their English/ interact with a foreigner outside of the classroom, and intercultural connections are made.

It only takes an hour and a half out of my week, but I can see a difference in the students when I enter the classroom. They`re genuinely happy to have me there, they`re more interested in what happens in the rest of the world, and they`re making life long memories with me. Seeing this change has also helped me enjoy my job more and inspires me to be even better at what I do.

It`s amazing how such a small commitment makes a difference in students lives.
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DANCE wrote: Always thought of doing what you are doing but never did, so far away. Today instead I welcome lots of Japanese students in my home in UK, I love what I do
Mish wrote: Wonderful volunteering..a win/win on many levels. I applaud you 👏🏻 And welcome to KindSpring.😊
pluto178 wrote: There is nothing finer than the memory of a good teacher who told you ………your can do it. X
petroskryf wrote: Well done for reaching out to your students in this way.
gardengal10 wrote: Every gains!
Helenconnell2 wrote: I'm very impressed with the way you have engaged with your students and I hope others will be inspired by your commitment.
drjoybug wrote: Marvelous contribution
SissyLee wrote: this is what makes an awesome teacher. I bet they won’t forget you.
fairykats wrote: I hope you will share your insights with the other instructors. Well done in using your time for the children!
dotmatrix wrote: Super cool. Thanks for sharing this story. ♥.

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