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Being Heard…..

--by Mish, posted Nov 18, 2022
We have a neighbor, who became a friend, who comes over at the end of each week…she stays about 30 minutes or so.

She’s a good talker, lol, & always interesting. An extremely kind person & very generous to others on a regular basis. Very positive energy 👌🏻

Over time I’ve noticed she has opened up more & seems to need to share about anything might be causing her some stress during the week. I’m glad she trusts us enough now to feel safe & knows we stay fully present & listen without judgement.

When she finishes sharing I give her any thoughts about her stressor that might be useful for her to consider.

We all need a safe place to share & am grateful for my friends who truly listen without judging & often help me see things differently, who are supportive & often make me feel comfortable with how I might be processing something that might be going on that’s causing me some stress.  And a few of these friends are here, at KINDSPRING 😘
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cabbage wrote: What a blessing for both of you! Thank you for sharing.
unknown wrote: You're one yourself ... Glad she found a friend in you just like I did. Playing some relaxing music for my lil one ... she wants to go out and its 09.30 pm ... tomorrow morning, yes ... I am to take her to a nearby park so that she has a feel for nature.
pluto178 wrote: You are merely reflecting back the light you contain so well….you are a great listener indeed as I know to my benefit but that light you contain has a good outlet into the world and is a useful tool for those around you……..people like you are rare very rare infact and I am so glad of the day we met…….no surprise to me that we should meet at a place like Kindspring. X
unknown wrote:
petroskryf wrote: Such a lovely post. dear Mish. We need each other, that safe place to share.
cheeka wrote: Excellent thoughts!
janfour wrote: 💗
DANCE wrote: You are always a good listener, bless u
Dennis826 wrote: Thank you for opening your heart to this person. You`ve benefited their life in ways you can`t imagine.
dotmatrix wrote: ♡.

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