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Yay, A Cinnamon Roll!

--by mindyjourney, posted Nov 18, 2022

Our recent journey thankfully transformed our previous “road of woe” into a new one of "yay, a cinnamon roll!”

Cost cutting, broken supply chain, whatever the reason, every morning I’d wake up hopeful of enjoying a warm cinnamon roll at the hotel we were presently staying in, but alas, no special treat.

Always grateful for the hot coffee and other complimentary offerings, I’d tuck a tip into an origami dove as an appreciation for the breakfast hostess, plus a tip for housekeeping.

Our last morning on the road, I stepped out into the hall and ah…I could smell the fragrance of cinnamon! Could it be???

Yes! A whole trayful of delicious warm cinnamon rolls! I only needed one, but oh, was it good!

And Linda - the best breakfast hostess we’ve had in a long while, cheerfully greeted everyone, asked if anyone needed anything and made us all feel like we were enjoying breakfast in her own kitchen.

Wrote a special note of appreciation and tucked it along with an extra generous tip, Peace Dove, Smile Card and Rajni quote card into an origami envelope - that I quickly folded and assembled, to give Linda as we checked out of the hotel.

Never underestimate the power of hospitality or a fresh baked cinnamon roll!

*We are hOMe now and so very grateful for each connection and new memory made.
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pluto178 wrote: Always good to get home but great to have good memories of a trip x
drjoybug wrote: Great trip, great memories, great kindness, great to be home❣️❣️
kmbhai wrote: very sweet ..
petroskryf wrote: Kindness on the go ... Grateful you are safe home.
gardengal10 wrote: cinnamon roll happiness!
DANCE wrote: :-)
Mish wrote: So glad this trip was good for both of you….so deserved 🙏
dotmatrix wrote: Sweet! ♥.
Rajni wrote: Cinnamon fragrance of baked rolls induced kindness. I thank cinnamon rolls for that. Sister Mindy, you are well equipped with kindness tools like Origami Peace Dove, Smile Card and quote card and a generous heart to add tips. You are doing very good job.

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