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Lil Bits For Oct 20

--by margazhi, posted Nov 19, 2022
Handed out pairs of soap to sanitation and construction workers. They also asked for masks that I may provide next time. They are making fertilizers out of unused vegetable waste and food. I intend to buy their fertilizer and use it in the future. I also want to learn how to make fertilizer out of cat poop. 

An altercation happened at the mobile payment office between an older man (customer) and a younger woman staff. I heard both sides calmly and tried my best to diffuse the aged person's frustration and the younger woman's distress. Patience is truly a virtue.

Had my third round of the rabies vaccine yesterday. Waiting for the cat bag to arrive so I can carry my lil one around ... no point in her being home alone when she`s awake.

After I get the cat bag, she can come with me for walks in the morning and the evening. Next will be a body harness and leash to slowly let her back in the environment under supervision. I am not sure if I want to neuter her right away, but this is the plan for now.

Here is a picture of her after breakfast.
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Mish wrote: So sweet 🐈❤️
Helenconnell2 wrote: Lovely to read!
Margazhi wrote: I took her out now for 20 odd minutes. She was quite strong to come in the bag 💗
dotmatrix wrote: Lots of kindness. Sweet kitty. ♥.
mindyjourney wrote: Resident in sister’s apt takes her cat out w/a harness and leash :). Thank you for sharing soaps.

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