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Just one song

--by Dennis826, posted Nov 20, 2022
As the foreign English teacher at my school in Japan, I have a weekly English music broadcast where I showcase different English songs. I try to get the students to recommend songs to me for the broadcast. At the broadcast, I usually announce who recommended the song and then play it for everyone to hear during lunch time. I give everyone a chance to share themselves through their music, including one tough student of mine. This student constantly gets into fights with the other students, doesn`t study, and brings down the energy of the class. Most of the other teachers and students push him away. I knew though that he just needed a friend, or at least someone he can connect with.

I could tell he was warming up to me over the last year. I told him to think of a song he likes that has some English words in it and that I`ll play it on the broadcast for him. He eventually recommended a song. I actually really liked the song so I put in on the broadcast and made sure to announce his name, so everyone knew that he contributed and recommended such a great song. Needless to say, the boy was thrilled, and he`s been much happier and focused in English class ever since. While everyone else misunderstood him and pushed him away, I saw right through and knew that he just needed someone who acknowledged him and give him a chance. There`s still a language barrier between us, but words aren`t needed, you can always sense where you`re at with someone. He recently walked by me and gave me the most genuine smile that I`ve ever seen. My coworker turned to me and said "I`ve never seen him smile like that before. How did you get through to him?" "I gave him a chance," I said, "through just one song."
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Helenconnell2 wrote: What a beautiful story and thank you so much for communicating your love to someone who needed it so much.
Mish wrote: Love is the secret ingredient…you have made such a difference there. Bless you 🙏❤️
dotmatrix wrote: This story touched my heart deeply. Thank you for sharing it. Music is a universal language. Brilliant of you to be able to see just what this young man needed. ♥.
cheeka wrote: Thanks for your gentleness and kindness to the student and get him feel better.
unknown wrote: Wonderful 👌
mindyjourney wrote: One more song 🎶—very healing ! Thank you for giving the student a chance :)
kmbhai wrote: you are so great..
janfour wrote: to be seen is the best gift
Rajni wrote: Like you, all the teachers should never give up on any student. There is something good in the student who behaves badly. The duty of the teacher is to remind the student of his goodness

As a teacher, you are doing a great job. May other teachers and even parents get inspired by your story. Thanks for sharing.
DANCE wrote: How interesting! Lovely way of spreading kindness, thank you

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