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After Two Years Of ...

--by SissyLee, posted Nov 24, 2022
After two years of no lessons (covid), today found me in my harp teacher’s studio. We got a broken string restrung and new pieces fingered. Hospice called and asked me to play at a memorial in November. I said yes.

I am too tired to resume bedside playing at this point, but am happy to work on getting my skills back and to play for the crew of critters in my home.

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DotMatrix wrote: How lovely. I am getting back into playing my guitar and clarinet too. It brings me a lot of joy. I'm glad you got to go to a lesson. ♥.
Mish wrote: So wonderful,Sissy! And your little critters will so love your playing your harp for them…sweet 💕💕💕
pluto178 wrote: What a warm image very lovely………glad your back in action never let it fade away its so much harder to return than to stay with it x
Helenconnell2 wrote: That's so lovely!
janfour wrote: Music for your own soul.
mindyjourney wrote: Yay! Glad to hear you will again harp for hospice 🎶.
gardengal10 wrote: Critters need calm music, too :))
DrJoe wrote: Awesome!! There are some languages that are universal, that traverse boundaries like oceans and spoken dialect. Music and kindness are two of those universal languages. So very happy that you're back to taking lessons and performing for others, critters or otherwise :)
fairykats wrote: It makes me happy that you are trying again. Good for you!

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