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A Little Light ...

--by Rajni, posted Nov 25, 2022
A Little Light In The Life Of Needy People 😊

I am grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for giving me many opportunities to serve this Diwali season. I am also grateful to KS friends, Divine sisters, family and friends and a stationary shopper that donated funds in helping me bring light to the lives of many needy people; giving them groceries, milk, cookies, stationary, T-shirts, pants, shorts, slippers and sandals. They got according to their needs and wishes. Kids got clothes and adults got groceries.

While giving, I received so many beautiful smiles. I take this opportunity to share those smiles to all who have helped me financially and in other ways. They dearly deserve them. I am just an instrument spending time and some money. We all know that indwelling God in us is the real doer.

Three days ago I thought that I have bought gifts for most of the contacts I had. While giving some gifts, I received requests from new contacts. A sweet surprise. I bought them on Oct 24th and gave them away yesterday. I will be able to give away some remaining gifts today.

Generally, Diwali is celebrated by buying clothes for own-self and family and friends, eating sweets, cracking fire crackers and wishing Diwali and New Year Greetings by email, phone or social media. When family and friends visit to wish Diwali and happy New Year, the host offers some sweets, snacks and maybe tea or sweet drinks.

The image shows about 25% of the gifts. I made three more trips to purchase them after taking the photo shown below.

I am grateful to KS friend who helped me put this in perspective including image collage.

All of us have our own way of celebrating Diwali. I have tried to light a little lamp in the hearts of others. May Almighty God help make their lives more comfortable by inspiring others to follow suit.

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Mish wrote: Bless you, Rajni 🙏❤️
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for being such a powerful Light-bearer, dear Rajnibhai 🕯 🕊
drjoybug wrote: Fantastic job
dotmatrix wrote: Beautiful! ♥.
kmbhai wrote: Very beautiful. Thanks.
DANCE wrote: Thank you for being so kind and generous

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