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Cookies Make Connections

--by Dennis826, posted Nov 29, 2022
Last week I made a post about having left grocery store cookies at the coffee station where I work. Leaving those cookies felt really good, so I wanted to take it one step further. I wanted to take this act of kindness to the next level.

So, I went out of my way to make cookies from scratch and delivered some to my next-door neighbor, my coworker who was sick, and to another office where I occasionally work at.

These cookies really opened up people's hearts. They weren’t expecting this and were excited to experience American-style homemade cookies. These cookies almost brought a sense of community. 

Donating money is great, but I've found that offering gifts that require my own time, energy, and love is even better.

Little by little, I am becoming the person I've always wanted to become.

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Readers Comments

mindyjourney wrote: Agree! Nothing like a home made/baked/created kindness to share 😊. And those cookies look amazing!
dotmatrix wrote: Oh gosh, the gift of handmade cookies is the absolute best! How cool. ♥.
Rajni wrote: You did a wonderful job. it is very inspiring too, Thanks.
janfour wrote: yum! what a lovely treat
SissyLee wrote: Awesome!
petroskryf wrote: Thank you for your kindness.
Helenconnell2 wrote: That's beautiful and well done on taking kindness further.
Mish wrote: Your love is the secret ingredient ❤️ 🍪 I think you were always a kind person, fully blooming into your true essence now 🥰
drjoybug wrote: Good job 👍
DANCE wrote: How lovely of you

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