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Offering to delivery workers

--by DANCE, posted Dec 4, 2022
We had a delivery of second hand furniture that we rescued from a house clearance, this giant fridge was one of the pieces. The lovely workers who brought the items home were stuck in traffic for 4 hours because of a fallen tree on the road. My partner offered them his tea biscuits, precious to him :-) and we made them a big cup of tea when they arrived.

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Dennis826 wrote: Awesome! I`m sure they really appreciated the gesture and made them feel at ease despite the delay. Who knows how worried or stressed that might have originally been about being so late.
Mish wrote: I’m sure they needed your kindness & were most appreciative too. Well done ❤️
pluto178 wrote: Thoughtful x
mindyjourney wrote: Tea and biscuits are always a wonderful appreciation! Nice fridge, but giant? You should see the American versions! :)
dotmatrix wrote: Very kind of you. ♥.
heartofflesh wrote: The act expresses your appreciation of their work .. Well done !
Rajni wrote: Your delivery of kindness to delivery man is job well done.

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