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Peace Be With Them (and Also With Me)

--by neverstop, posted Dec 4, 2022
An important experience/ lesson on forgiveness. Forgive not only for their sake, but for your own too.

Here`s the story:

I`ve had some pretty serious issues with my community for the last year, and things completely fell apart between me and my community 6 months ago. As a result, I stepped away from them, I blocked them on social media, and did my best to forget about them. The events though continued to haunt me, and I let the emotions that I felt from those events seep into other areas of my life. It began destroying relationships in other parts of my life and I ended up burning bridges with big opportunities and people I really cared about.

Yesterday, I was forced to see this community because of a major work event. I was dreading this event for months and it was pretty cringey when I first saw the people I clashed with.

Despite all of this, the strangest yet most wonderful thing happened to me. After I left the event, I felt something that I haven't felt in a long time, peace and forgiveness.

Why you ask? Because, despite the cringiness at the conference, there were no arguments or drama with anyone. Some of the people at this conference didn`t even know who I was and it was clear that a lot of the people have moved on from the events. I realized that there isn't anything to worry about anymore. No one is out to get me, no one wishes ill will on me, and no one is holding anger against me anymore. There was peace, and room for people to forgive and move on.

Through my recent practice in compassion (thanks to this website), I realized more what my part was in everything that happened, and I recognized more the people that cared about me during that time. I`ve been able to see things from a bigger perspective.

Though some bridges have been burnt in that community, I could still look at them during the conference and apologize (in my head) and forgive them. After doing this, I felt peace in myself, and I find that I haven't thought about these people since.

When you forgive others, you not only free them, but you free yourself as well. You not only find peace with them, but you find peace within yourself. Now, I only wish them the best life that they can have, the most success that they can attain, and the most happiness they could ever have. And then, I move on.
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Readers Comments

Ruo wrote: Never stop the hustle. .
DANCE wrote: Glad you found peace and learned from it all
pluto178 wrote: Something has shifted in you and you will never be the same again……….isn’t it interesting when something affects us hugely only to realise nobody else was even interested and have all moved on and only you are left feeling those feelings……let them go and the feelings too ……well done you will never be able to go back to your old ways of being now because once ‘you know’ something you can never pretend you didn’t know it changes everything forever……..delighted for you x
mindyjourney wrote: A difficult lesson learned, my friend. Grateful you have realized the Peace-filled forgiveness needed.
Helenconnell2 wrote: It's good to know you have found peace and as well as forgiveness it sounds as if you have been reconciled too!
dotmatrix wrote: Powerful. I believe forgiveness is the best avenue to peace. This is a beautiful share, thank you. ♥.
janfour wrote: i am glad you are feeling more peace - this speaks to a personal situation for me, so thank you!!
Mish wrote: 🙏
fairykats wrote: What you experienced has happened to many, far as I can tell. Not all have had the happy endings and soul forgiveness as you have. Blessings!
unknown wrote: Forgiveness is no easy process but you seem to have made one full circle. Good for you. May the very best unfold for you, now that you have turned a page <3

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