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Being Kind To A Team Mate

--by Crash, posted Dec 11, 2022
I play on a tennis team, and one woman was not very nice to her partner, who I could tell was feeling demoralized and discouraged. I went to the store and purchased her a cute tennis hoodie, a chocolate bar, and wrote her a note telling her what an awesome teammate and tennis player she was. She saw mw at the door and was very thankful.. I just listened to her for about 45 minutes and hopefully she felt better.
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Dennis826 wrote: Thank you for this. If this tennis player was feeling any doubts about her ability, i`m sure you helped her feel alot about it.
Helenconnell2 wrote: Very kind of you!
Rajni wrote: Your encouragement and appreciation will make very big difference in her life. You did a wonderful job. may others get inspired from your kindness.
Mish wrote: Your kind caring was a healing balm for her, I’m sure. Well done by you. Bless.🙏
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your listening ear and extra kindness. I’m sure she was encouraged :).
cheeka wrote: You are so supportive, caring and understanding to the woman who was feeling left out.
Christine88 wrote: That is so kind of you.

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