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Feeding The Body, Listening To The Soul

--by cyctw, posted Dec 27, 2022
I awoke this morning with the feeling that members of our Safe Parking Program would appreciate a hot lunch. I cooked a pot of my favorite lentil soup and then, at the urging of Carol (spouse), I gathered a few items to offer them. When I arrived around noon there were only three participants there (this is the only church that will allow the participants to hang out there during the daytime) and one wasn't in any shape to eat. That's a story for another day:). Palma is someone that I'd met before, but Shirley is new to the program. They were so excited about the hot meal and had three cups each! I was more interested in listening to Shirley's story and she wanted nothing more than to tell someone. So many times she apologized for talking so much...I'm just happy I was able to lend an ear...and a heart. I noticed this tattoo on her forearm that read, "Look good Feel good." Shirley told me that these were her mom's last words to her. She must've felt comfortable with me because she then began to tell me why she got her tattoo in that particular spot; to cover her scars from cutting. That's when my heart sank and we hugged. Something we both needed at that time. Shirley talked; I listened.
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cabbage wrote: Thank you for your compassionate listening.
DANCE wrote: kind connection, thank u for your generosity
Dennis826 wrote: Thank you for reaching out to her and giving her exactly what she needed, a shoulder to lean on.
Helenconnell2 wrote: Thank you so much for listening - it makes such a difference in the world!
pluto178 wrote: Tell your church it should be proud of itself to help others after the service our churches either don’t open or can’t wait to lock up again so well done to them and to you for caring x
mindyjourney wrote: Listening is a pure kindness of the heart ❤️…and soup? Well, that is LOVE, warm and filling :). Thank you, my friend.
petroskryf wrote: Listening to others is indeed one of the kindest things ever.
unknown wrote: Simply beautiful.
DrJoe wrote: What a beautiful time you two spent together, very thankful you were there for Shirley in that moment when she needed you :)
Rajni wrote: Hot soup, an ear to listen with BIG heart and making a new friend is a very good combination. Thanks

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