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Holiday Lights Warming The Hearts 💕

--by Butterkind, posted Jan 7, 2023
I went to the dental office today with my son for his routine brace treatment. As we entered the office we saw a beautiful Christmas tree lit up and there was lighting around the tables and the walls were decorated with wreaths.

I complimented the members at the front desk for creating a welcoming environment for the patients. They were very happy to hear it and gave me permission to take video too!
I gave them 5-star review because they are always very courteous to everyone and they kindly wish every person happy holidays and other greetings.

Grateful for such people who make our days lighter and joyful.

Happy holiday season to you!

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Mish wrote: And your sharing your appreciation added to the Light there ☀️
pluto178 wrote: Great to take your mind off the dentist chair too lol x
mindyjourney wrote: it is lovely to behold! Thank you for sharing with us and for the positive review :)
petroskryf wrote: Thank you for complimenting the staff at the front desk.

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