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Addressing Harshness ...

--by margazhi, posted Jan 7, 2023
Speaking of animals, I saw a man beating a labrador for not having the leash close to his body. I was a lil annoyed and requested him to be a lil kinder to the dog. Not sure if he was having a hard day and had an outburst right before me. I was grateful that I never had to go so far with my lil one.

My neighbour downstairs keeps yelling at one of his dogs. It doesn't feel healthy because his dog has her/his tail between the legs each time I hear him shout. Something told me to send prayers to him. It somehow didn't feel right to question him because my lil one hangs out on a tree next to his house. I don't want him to harm any more animals. May whatever is making him harsh may leave him and the dog live in peace. I don't want to judge him without knowing him. I will also be kinder to the dog when an opportunity strikes. 

PS. I bought dog food too. I will keep some tucked in my bag when I go for morning walks. I will hand out a lil bit to the dogs in the neighbourhood so that my lil one doesn't feel all paralyzed at the sight of another dog. 
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4abetterworld wrote: Good tactic :-)
Mish wrote: Thank you for your kind heartedness ❤️
petroskryf wrote: Thank you for caring so much.
Rajni wrote: Your compassion and caring is greatly appreciated.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for the kindness to those who have no voice 🙏 🐕 🐈
butterkind wrote: Thank you for being considerate to both the man and the dog and praying for both.
Dennis826 wrote: You have a great approach to this situation: praying for his mental health rather than judging him without out knowing if something is troubling him. Good on you.
SissyLee wrote: thanks for speaking for the voiceless,

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