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Worry Pets

--by Momofseven, posted Jan 10, 2023
For my fourth grade daughters winter party I went over the top and hand sewed each child, both in her class as well as an adjoining class “Worry Pets”. The best thing is that they really work. There is some epic psychology about how saying a worry out loud will absolutely help alleviate a lot of the stresses of it

❤️ Also…if you can’t tell..I have a Cricut and I’m not afraid to use it 😂😂 looking for the next super kind thing I can add to their Valentine’s Day gifts. Mini grounding kits with a 54321 senses card? Smile cards??? Something else to either encourage kindness or promote self care or mental health and awareness? Any ideas?

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Mish wrote: Welcome to KindSpring 😊. Love the “worry Pets” idea! Well done by you. ❤️
Mish wrote: I had to Google what a “cricut” is, lol….never heard of it 😊
Mish wrote: For those who might not know: “A Cricut machine allows us to create projects with crazy precision since it replaces what we would regularly cut with either scissors or an x-acto. Adding unseen speed and quality.”
mindyjourney wrote: A friend’s hubby just asked if i had a Cricut or new someone that did..he had idea for wife’s bday :)). Thank you for using your creativity so kindly! :))
mindyjourney wrote: check out the IDEAS section on KS for more ideas :)))
Rajni wrote: Worry is a misuse of imagination.

When pupil is ready teacher will appear. You will receive many ideas when your positive thinking is backed by intense desire and feeling about it.

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