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Snow In Portland

--by DotMatrix, posted Jan 17, 2023

We gave Oscar the monthly money for food on the 28th of November.

Last week he told me it snowed in Portland. I asked if he was warm enough. He said when he's in his sleeping bag he's plenty warm. I pressed him and he admitted he needed boots.

I said I wanted to get him a Christmas gift and set an amount for him to pick out boots and anything else he needed. He chose boots, slippers, and two mirrors for his friend who is homeless.

She is in a wheelchair and the mirrors can clip on her chair so she can navigate crossing streets more safely. I was touched that, as usual, he was thinking of how to help others too.

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Readers Comments

Dennis wrote: Thank you for making his situation a little more comfortable.
Mish wrote: Beautiful circle of kindness, Dot. Bless you all ❤️🙏
pluto178 wrote: Sounds like a lovely guy and he has a lovely gal looking out for him in you x
mindyjourney wrote: Have found that those who don’t have much give so fully! Dear Oscar ❤️ and thank YOU!
unknown wrote: So kind of you. And Oscar too 💗
Helenconnell2 wrote: I'm so glad you were able to help Oscar again and it always fills my heart to know he shares with others.
gardengal10 wrote: Thank you for continuing to care above and beyond
Rajni wrote: May God continue to bless the kind soul of Oscar and yours as well.
scully wrote: So kind of you Dot

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