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Give The Necessary

--by Tulip, posted Jan 17, 2023
Donated an overstock of shampoo and soaps and many other necessary self care items to our local Salvation Army. This time of year, many people forget the importance of everyday basic necessities. Food and toys are always available, but toothpaste and brushes, and many other important items go unnoticed as a priority.
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Dennis826 wrote: Thank you for donating the necessities. :d
Mish wrote: Excellent 👌🏻
Helenconnell2 wrote: Thank you for doing so much good 👍
4abetterworld wrote: A great act of kindness 😊
Rajni wrote: Your donation of self care products with consideration and care are greatly appreciated.
scully wrote: Awesomeness
ado wrote: Thank you for your donation and kindness.
petroskryf wrote: Thank you for your kind donations.
pluto178 wrote: So true and being homeless for a couple of years could damage teeth for the rest of their lives x
mindyjourney wrote: Those items are esp crucial :). Thank you for doing.

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