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A Happy Ending.

--by gardengal10, posted Jan 17, 2023
Older son and his partner discovered a stray cat in their garden. He is quite the handsome one. He is friendly, charming and living rough right now. They called various shelters, animal control, but it is December and they are all overcrowded.

This is also to recognize that many of our local shelters accepted animals from southern regions of our country after massive storms a few months ago.

Son and partner fostered this gentleman in their garage, provided a litter box, food and warmth. The weather has been mild for this time of year, but temperatures are going to crash this weekend and they were worried about finding a home for him.

The other evening they took him to a vet to check for a chip to see if that would provide a clue to his ownership. No chip found. BUT...the tech recalled clients who were looking for a cat.

She called them. they immediately drove in from a neighboring community, fell in love and ......happy ending! In case you wondered, son and partner already have a cat and didn't feel that they could adopt another at this time.
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Helenconnell2 wrote: That's a lovely story!
mindyjourney wrote: What a great thing! Happy hOMe for the stray :). Many thanks to son & partner for pursuing 🏠 🐈.
petroskryf wrote: Happy ending indeed. So grateful.
Mish wrote: What a Christmas gift 🐈. Big hugs for son & partner 🤗
SissyLee wrote: so glad for this happy ending.
ado wrote: Nice happy ending and cat was care for by son and partner.
pluto178 wrote: What a lovely thing to do to put their energy into finding him a new home well done x
Andicas wrote: I always love a story that ends with a happy cat!
janfour wrote: AWWWWW happy kitty!
Rajni wrote: Your son and his partner did a wonderful job.

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