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My Favorite Day Of Giving

--by Rajni, posted Jan 17, 2023
This morning I went to shopping for organic vegetables. I gave some quote cards to shoppers and customers while I was out. I talked to one mom with her 7-8 year old boy about the importance of positive thinking. I told an inspiring positive story, Fatemah story and my experiences with positive thinking and gave her some quote cards and a booklet on positive thinking.

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mindyjourney wrote: Wow! that is LOT of positivity, dear Rajnibhai 😊
Mish wrote: A day well spent 👌🏻
pluto178 wrote: Mind over Mater………..Wind over Water……its all about the Chi. X
janfour wrote: Great advice - thanks.
4abetterworld wrote: Very good advice! 👍 Thanks Rajni

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