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Today’s Surprise 😊

--by Mish, posted Jan 23, 2023
❤️Anonymous gift was left on our porch this afternoon…a tin of holiday cookies.

No clue who left it there…there’s a few folks on the block who come to mind 🤔

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Lovebeingkind wrote: 😀
gardengal10 wrote: How pretty!
mindyjourney wrote: Pretty tin and such a nice surprise :)
Dennis826 wrote: What a nice surprise!
janfour wrote: that is so nice💙🕎
fairykats wrote: Cookie Monster looking around.....
butterkind wrote: 👍😊sweet!
petroskryf wrote: Such an eye-catching tin of cookies. You deserve it, dear Mish. 💜
TheHuman wrote: Very nice 👌
pluto178 wrote: I just finished watching an Agatha Christie lol x

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