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Messages of Hope

--by Pen, posted Jan 29, 2023
I painted some flat stones in different colours and then painted on words that someone might need to hear: "you are worthy, you are lovable, you are good enough, Love, Trust, Joy, Hope, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Gratitude, Courage + Gratitude + Forgiveness + Compassion = LOVE."

Then I walked around my local park and placed them on benches or just off the path. The next day I went back and noticed that the ones on the benches were still there but the others had been picked up.

Maybe they assumed it was in remembrance of someone - not sure - but it means many more are going to see the message and be blessed by it.
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Darwin wrote: Am i the only one who thinks rocks and stones alike should be left alone, in nature or left natural. Leave the show casing for something else. The stone tumbler machine is a less toxic approach and makes rocks and stones "pop" out or catch the eye easily in nature. If this is the overall idea? Pinga accepts this and appreciates the raok.
Sandee wrote: What a lifting and inspiring idea! I'm going to sbare it with my teenaged granddaughter to serve two purposes (1) to bring a bit of sunshine to others when they read the messages, and (2) it will be a super bonding time between two generations. Thank you for sharing!
dotmatrix wrote: Lovely kindness. ♥.
Christine88 wrote: That is so wonderful. I did that awhile back and people that received them were so grateful. You're a wonderful heart.
cabbage wrote: Beautiful idea!!
michelelpurce wrote: sharing blessings is alwys so awesome!
patjos wrote: That's a lot of stones! My daughter did same round her village and some disappeared, she thought someone had stolen them, but later overheard someone say how lovely that someone had gone to the trouble to share these lovely messages and how they had cheered up her and hers soin;s day, so they took one to hide elsewhere. Well done! :)
petroskryf wrote: Stones of kindness. Thank you for being so creative. 🌻
4abetterworld wrote: A wonderful idea. I saw a few painted stones with similar uplifting messages in parks when the pandemic was at its worst and noticed one found a new home! Back then I also left a love-heart shaped stone on top of a tree trunk and it was taken :-)
Helenconnell2 wrote: Such a lovely idea!

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