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If You Can`t Find It In Your Backyard, You Won`t Find It Anywhere.

--by Dennis826, posted Feb 13, 2023
I`ve been living in Japan for a few years and am proud to say that I have a talent in finding the cool hidden local spots. As a foreigner living in Japan, I couldn`t care less about doing the touristy things or eating fancy food. What`s most important is experiencing the real country and culture. So I always try to find something that`s interesting and fun yet represents the local culture, and that offers an interaction with the locals.

My reputation for doing this has grown and I`m being asked more and more often to give people tours, both to friends and strangers. Since I am somewhat fluent in Japanese, I could charge people for this and become somewhat of an official tour guide. I choose not to though, because to me, the most important thing is making sure that the tourist, who already spent a lot of time and money to get to where I am, has the most profound and fun experience they could possibly have. It is also about creating a lifelong connection with that person, and with the locals we interact with during our time together. These tourists could spend a bunch of money on a guided tour that keeps them comfy but separated from the culture. I choose to give them an experience that`s deeper and opens their mind, all for free. 😀

All of you can do the same. When you have someone visit your area, don`t just take them to the touristy spots. Show them the places that mean something to you. Show them your heart through the places that you show them and the experience you give them. There`s something good in (almost) every town out there. If you don't have any spots in your area that you like, learn to find the good in the place you live. If you find the good in where you live, you will also find the good in yourself. It`s a time that both you and the tourist will never get back. Don`t rush the experience, thoroughly enjoy every moment with that person.The tourist and your heart will thank you for it.
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pluto178 wrote: So lovely x
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for sharing your knowledge with an emphasis and kindness :))). Sort of do similar here in the Black Hills of SD - a touristy place in the summer. Folks appreciate and we appreciate their shared stories/experiences as well!
Helenconnell2 wrote: I would certainly join one of your tours because we have been to many places and made long-lasting friendships by going with local people to local places.
Mish wrote: Anything done from the heart is a special sharing. Well done by you. 👌🏻💕
Rajni wrote: You are doing a wonderful job of touring with local culture.

Your suggestion to give importance to local culture is greatly appreciated.

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