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🌲 A Sweet Meet In The Park…

--by Mish, posted Mar 8, 2023
🧶 Years ago I crocheted a baby blanket that I gifted to a woman I had struck up a conversation with in our local park. She had mentioned that her niece was expecting a baby & she was going to a baby shower being held for her niece & wondered what to bring as her gift. I asked her if she’d like a handmade baby blanket.

When I declined payment she was bewildered…said she & her husband couldn’t believe a “stranger” would do that. I told her the only payment I’d like was for her to pay it forward.

Saw her in the park yesterday for the first time in a few years…she remembered.

People don't forget kindness ❤️

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Readers Comments

Tulip wrote: This is amazing.
petroskryf wrote: Such wonderful kindness will always be cherished.
mindyjourney wrote: I imagine your “yarn” encircling the world with good vibes! 🌎 💕 🧶
Barbaramadison53 wrote: So true, kindness like that endures.
Helenconnell2 wrote: That is so beautiful!
TheHuman wrote: Wonderful 🙂
scully wrote: Mish, your baby blankets are filled with love and care! Thank you and bless you for doing this to someone you just met
DrJoe wrote: Your selflessness and kindness made a lasting impression. Ripples of kindness reach far and wide -- great job, Mish :)
pluto178 wrote: Ah bless I hope the baby keeps it for her dolls in the future. X
Lovebeingkind wrote: You are the Crochet Queen, Mish. I still love the shawl you gave me a few years ago. 💓

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