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Kindness Lives…

--by Mish, posted Mar 8, 2023
❤️ Witnessed a sweet kindness act in our small corner grocery store the other day at the checkout counter…when the cashier rang up a woman’s order the shopper didn’t have enough money to cover the cost & began to take out a few items to return to the shelves …the man in line behind her told the cashier to add the difference to his bill.

When the woman started to cry at his kindness he comforted her by telling her someone once did the same for him & he always wanted to pay it forward ❤️

Kind people everywhere ❤️

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Tulip wrote: Very nice, and the image is cute. Cute. Cute. I'll wave next time, snoop ;)
Yolanda wrote: Nice impala
DANCE wrote: so touched by this!
petroskryf wrote: Such a kind man, paying it forward.
pluto178 wrote: I have to force myself not to think they wont be able to pay and step in lol…………I love this cartoon though I have sent it out everywhere it tickled me x
Rajni wrote: Mish, your beautiful eyes, witnessed beautiful kindness.
drjoybug wrote: Love it. I've done this also
janfour wrote: What a great thing to see and feel.
Cyctw wrote: Kindness is everywhere ☮️🫶🏽
mindyjourney wrote: Kindness IS covering the world 🌎 ❤️. Grateful you were there to witness and share with us as well.

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