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Conforting Words

--by fernanda, posted Mar 8, 2023
Today I comforted and sweet-talked to my neighbor's dog, a beautiful black Labrador retriever. Every summer when they go on vacation they leave her in care of relatives who come once a day to feed her. But she cries almost every night and part of the day. So a few days ago I bought a few bones at the butcher shop, I cooked them, and when she cries at night, from my window on the second floor I give her some comforting words, and obviously his delicious cooked bone. :-)
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petroskryf wrote: Thank you for being so kind to the Labrador, they are such sweet animals.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for being of comfort to the dear pup :)
Rajni wrote: You are kinder than necessary. Yours is very inspiring kind act. May others get inspired to follow suit. Thanks for sharing.
sissylee wrote: Thank you so much for comforting this lonely dog.
Mish wrote: ❤️🐶❤️

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