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You`ve Come Alot Further Than You Realize

--by Dennis826, posted Mar 14, 2023
Recently an old friend reached out to me to ask about the success I've had in my life (or at least what looks like success on social media XD) and how I achieved it. He has similar goals as me: get in shape, get into music more seriously, and be fluent in Japanese.

Though I haven't entirely reached my long term goals yet in any of these 3 categories, he's seen that I've made some progress on my journey to achieving these goals and wanted my advice.

We had a nice hour and a half chat on the phone about this and it seemed like he was pretty motivated by the end of the chat. A week went by and he told me that he signed up for a personal fitness trainer, is studying music theory, and sent me clips of him studying Japanese. He's posting regularly on social media about all of the progress he's making. He's motivated and doing great!

Eventually I'll have to let him know that progress isn't linear and that he'll eventually hit some bumps in the road, but I'm letting him enjoy the “newbie gains” in the meantime and will help him out when that time comes.

I'm grateful for him giving me the opportunity to serve him and give him advice, and I'm grateful to see that he's investing the time and money to improve his life. He even posted recently about how grateful he is with all the recent changes in his life.

Even if you`re still not where you want to be, there are alot of people out there who want what you have and who are impressed with how far you've come. It's good to realize how far you've come, be proud of yourself, and recognize how much you can help others achieve the same.
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Tulip wrote: Great advice and achievement!
TheHuman wrote: Wonderful 🙂
Mish wrote: You lead by example. Bless.
Rajni wrote: Living successful life or being on the path to success is a kind of selfish thing unless we inspire and encourage others to follow suit.

Your giving advices when asked by your friend is very important part of your story for, giving just advices without asking may not motivate others. We all know that, our intense desire, positive thinking feeling about it lead us to success.

May others get inspired by your post.
pluto178 wrote: ❤️🎼
unknown wrote: 👍
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for being such an encouragement! 😊

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