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--by cabbage, posted Mar 21, 2023
A friend was coming over to see me and then I got a text from her hubby saying she had gotten in an accident while riding her bike to my house---she is okay but banged up her face....I felt so bad! Took over soup and banana bread for her/family. Couldn't see her yet because she was sleeping/medicated. Fingers crossed she will heal soon.

Dropped off a coupon for a library book sale to a friend who loves getting used books from the library. We had a really lovely chat as well...

Enjoyed being in the moment to soak in the colors of the sunset sky with a friend on a walk this evening. She had a lot of stories to tell and we had a great catch-up.

Got a response back from the medical center about my gratitude note for the receptionist! I didn't think they would take notice but they will make sure her manager knows about glad.

Stayed after class to talk with a student about volunteering in an elementary school and bringing cool science to the kids. Was also able to find out about her aspirations and let her know that I can connect her with a dear old friend who would be glad to talk with her about applying for those programs etc. It makes me SO happy to be able to connect the dots by connecting people!!

Connected my TA with a colleague who is spearheading a women's leadership conference that she will get so much out of--both of them will benefit from each other!

Connected alumni with colleagues who are organizing a career fair--so excited for our students to have this opportunity.

Sent some beautiful nature photos/videos to friends/family far away so they can feel Spring is coming!
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pluto178 wrote: You are sooooo busy x
Mish wrote: You are definitely an amazing busy bee of kindness, cabbage! ❤️ 🐝…….Healing energy for your friend 🙌🏻
gardengal10 wrote: So many kindly acts.
mindyjourney wrote: Prayers that your friend heals ok 🙏. Soooo many kindness ways fill your days! Thank you 🥬 😊.
TheHuman wrote: Wonderful 🙏

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