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Being Beacons Of Light

--by mindyjourney, posted Mar 27, 2023

Upon returning to our son’s home after our beach getaway, we were greeted with packages of forwarded mail that held many wonderful connections and gifts:
A card full of tea tags that will be used in future crafts.
A sincere note of appreciation from the librarians.
Sympathy card on the passing of my sister - a year belated, but filled with much love and condolences.
Hand-crafted bag that shines with loving energy and filled with an artistic coloring, personal letter, lucky clover and wooden bird ornament.

Amazing world this, that so much kind energy is focused on our connections - on our BEing beacons of Light.

Blessed and grateful 🙏.
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Mish wrote: ❤️ 🫖😉
TheHuman wrote: Fantastic!
ado wrote: Very nice gift. Thanks for the sender and to you for appreciating it.
gardengal10 wrote: What a happy surprise!
Rajni wrote: Sister Mindy, you dearly deserve these gifts. Enjoy.
butterkind wrote: Lovely 😊
kmbhai wrote: so beautiful..
4abetterworld wrote: 👍
petroskryf wrote: Well-deserved, yes.
pluto178 wrote: Fabulous. X

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