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Just What Was Needed

--by Mish, posted Mar 27, 2023
 Met someone in the park this morning who recognized me from the Y where I rented space for my massage practice for 17 years. I left there 15 years ago & she recognized me!

She stopped, flashed a big smile & said “I know you….you’re the masseuse”…as we chatted I realized who she was…she looks quite different & I didn’t recognize who she was at first. We had the nicest conversation…she said I made her day & she made mine as well…she’s seems to be on a similar spiritual wavelength as we are.

Some of her sharing moved me deeply & I felt my eyes begin to tear up a little. I never expected such a meet this morning there…it was special & left me feeling in a lovely state. ❤️

It was “Heaven sent” for me as I received some sad news earlier in the morning about a friend from long ago who just passed away & I felt sadness in my heart when we set out for our park walk …the “chance” meet was very healing for me. Grateful 🙏
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DANCE wrote: How happy for you that you met today as you had had sad news. I also send you a hug
mindyjourney wrote: Was not chance, was a Divine connection, just as you needed. So sorry to hear about your friend’s passing. 🙏
sissylee wrote: Love to you during this time of grief. Glad you had that healing encounter.
petroskryf wrote: Thinking of you, dear Mish. Agree that was a divine interaction.
TheHuman wrote: Thank You for sharing 🙏
pluto178 wrote: What a magnet as you mentioned masseurs earlier in the week somewhere and you have attracted a customer……glad you got to have a nice chat that left you feeling good as you do so much good for so many………..must be the day for feeling good x
DrJoe wrote: Massage therapy is difficult work and physically demanding. But it's also amazing for healing the body and the soul. You made a lasting impact on her, and when you were in need of love and affection the universe answered by placing you two in each other's path once again :)
kmbhai wrote: Sometimes unexpected things give so much calmness...
scully wrote: My condolences dear Mish, and that meet was no accident..I am glad that your spirit was moved by the encounter. I am not surprised that the person remembers you! Your bright light shines to all, I can even feel it from Canada 🇨🇦

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