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Healing Spaces

--by SissyLee, posted Mar 27, 2023
A little while ago, the Trauma Healing Project moved out of the condemned mortuary we rented and into a church.

I now get to practice acupuncture in this sanctuary. It is quiet and peaceful. The mortuary sanctuary had no windows and was gloomy. We did take the chandelier with us and you can see it hanging. I love rolling around on my stool on this floor. It is a healing place.

Sent off my first letter via the Love For Our Elders Project.

Took care of sweet Missy Mae the cat last weekend as her person went out of town. Her human broke her wrist so we check on her periodically. She has support aplenty but sometimes we open a can of cat food for her or some such thing. It is a very bad break and a long recovery.

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DANCE wrote: Looks like a lovely place to work. Thank you for your kindness
Mish wrote: You are a loving,kind & caring earth Angel, Sissy. Bles# you ❤️
TheHuman wrote: Beautiful!
pluto178 wrote: Wow great that you were given use of the mortuary but oh so glad to hear you have moved on up to the church……no wiindows required below ground but letting in the light will improve your business ten fold……..great news. X
DrJoe wrote: Back in the fall I started getting acupuncture regularly after a neck injury while playing ice hockey, and I wish I had started seeing an acupuncturist much earlier in life. It's incredibly therapeutic and I recommend all of my patients to my acupuncture lady in the area. Keep healing people with kindness and acupuncture, Sissy! :)
mindyjourney wrote: That is a much better space to do that healing work, my friend. Thank for always being such a positive force. Dear Missy Mae 🐈 💕.
scully wrote: Lovely space to do your acupuncture SissyLee!

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