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Passing Books Along

--by Helenconnell2, posted Mar 31, 2023
I bought a book about grief a few weeks ago and yesterday, the book seller who sent it to me asked if I would like to review it to help other potential readers. As I was thinking about what to say, it occurred to me that I should send it to my friend Pam. She has been supporting me through my cancer journey so I value her friendship greatly. It is also coming up to five years since she lost her husband. I've told her if it isn't for her then to pass it on to someone else. I would rather it was being read than sitting on my bookshelf.
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pluto178 wrote: I bought a book recently for people who have been in ICU and what they may experience when they wake up…… was so stressful for me to read I didn’t give it to her I do have advice from it I can give her in dribs and drabs but the book would be too much to cope with. We are all different I guess but you are perfect for giving a review as you excel at these things x
Mish wrote: ❤️🙏❤️
TheHuman wrote: Wonderful 👌👌👌
4abetterworld wrote: A fine example of sharing some wisdom. Well done! 👍
ado wrote: I hope that you found the book useful and thank you for thinking of others and sending the book so others can benefit from it.
mindyjourney wrote: That’s the thing about hard copy books, so easy to share! 📕
Tulip wrote: Maybe it's time to share more than a story, maybe just maybe it time to share you?
Rajni wrote: Books bought and not read are just like a pile of blank papers. Your choice to read and or pass on is very inspiring.
janfour wrote: books are like candles, sharing the flame doesn't diminish the first💛
DANCE wrote: Thank u for always helping in different ways

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