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πŸ’• Sally’s Gratitude 😊

--by mindyjourney, posted Apr 24, 2023

That’s Sally in the photo below. Her vibrant look changes, but her mood is always vivacious, friendly and full of LOVE.

Her shop is named Gratitude, because that’s how she feels about life, what she promotes through the eclectic products she chooses to sell.

We gave Sally a boxful of assorted random acts of origami to share with her customers. After showing her the new models of message lotuses, dogs, cats, plus Peace doves and sailboats, Sally exclaimed, “Oh people are going to love these! Thank you.”

She reached over the counter for a hug.

Sally’s gratitude is infectious! So grateful our paths continue to connect.

*Replenished the Blessing Box outside the Gratitude Shop with food and health items for those in need.

**Stocked more books and magazines for the Little Free Library too.

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Readers Comments

Tulio wrote: A heart filled with joy, and a contagious smile.
4abetterworld wrote: So lovely Mindy!
pluto178 wrote: Wow she looks like a whole lot of fun x
lt33 wrote: Omg her shop looks amazing + she looks like she has an awesome attitude full of gratitude we need more people like her in the world 🌏❀😁
dotmatrix wrote: She is full of light. Lots of kindnesses, Mindy. You are too. β™₯.
Mish wrote: She has such a great smile too 😁. Origami kindness rocks!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»β€οΈ
gardengal10 wrote: Oh, the delight of the customers to whom she will be gifting your origami creations!
fairykats wrote: You are such a flower child :]
cheeka wrote: So lovely. May her tribe grow!
petroskryf wrote: Lovely picture and story about Gratitude

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