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Rainy Tuesday

--by cabbage, posted Apr 29, 2023
Baked banana bread and chose some special board books to send as care packages to two new parents

Quickly assembled a care package of matzoh (which he loves but can't find in his small town), throat lozenges, card and herbal teas to mail to a friend who has COVID--as soon as I found out

Brought in special Indian sweets for colleagues which they loved to share with their kids/families

Brought in homemade soup for a colleague (since it's been raining a lot here) and then later found out it was the only food he had because his refrigerator broke and his food was all spoiled!

Took soup and other homemade food to a friend who had a surgery

Shared some good news stories with Karunavirus news :-) and excited that they will be posting them

Shared more good news stories with colleague through email
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Ue wrote: Yum. Very kind share.
A do love a food cuppa soup.
mindyjourney wrote: Nothing like cooking/baking and sharing! Thank you for always being a force for forward kindness :)))
DANCE wrote: Love bake kindness :-)
pluto178 wrote: Lovely x
Mish wrote: Thank you for all you do for others, cabbage. Blessed Be 🙏
Rajni wrote: All timely kindness acts are very inspiring. You are doing a wonderful job.

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