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A Good Day

--by Mish, posted May 4, 2023
❀️ Kindness makes EVERY day a GOOD day ❀️

Received: Our kind neighbor baked a birthday cake for hubby & brought it over with her weekly Friday night dinner that she generously gifts us. πŸŽ‚ She walk-in in singing 🎢 Happy Birthday! 😊

Given: I surprised our next door neighbor with a little gift for her 10 year old grandson who is often there (a Pez dispenser with a few packs of Pez…can’t believe they are still around…they were popular when I was a kid decades ago, lol) & a bag of good Jelly Beans for the family. I also brought them some bananas 🍌 & a two peppers πŸ«‘.
They came out to thank me & we had a nice chat. She told me they always have jelly beans around Easter 🐣. (I almost kept that bag for myself, but knew I’d have no control! Lol, lol.)

I also gifted a book πŸ“• & some other little gifts to my neighbor friend down the block, that I knew she'd like.  She happened to be out on her porch when I stopped by & needed some comforting, so it was a good time for me to have been over there.

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cabbage wrote: You make every day a great day!
cheeka wrote: Lovely acts of kindness, Mish!
Rajni wrote: Mr. Harvey, May this birthday be the start of a year filled with treasured memories, wonderful moments and fulfilled dreams. Happy Birthday!!! Have a Great Life.

Mish, it looks, you started week long Easter celebration. Many kind EGGS in your basket. Be happy, always.
mindyjourney wrote: How continually generous you and your neighbors are! Birthday blessings for your dear hubby all the year through πŸŽ‚.
dotmatrix wrote: Lots of lovely kindnesses. β™₯.
fairykats wrote: Happy birthday to the man :D If he's an old hippie, tell him I'm sorry I called him the man lol!
DANCE wrote: Love your neighbours and what you always do for each other, hug for hubby too
pluto178 wrote: Wow today is a busy day for you………in care homes its difficult for people to open sweets so I think someone out there including cadburys should make a pex styled machine for chocolate drops eat one and another drops down no hands in packs no trying to rip open the wrappers without success just a choc available when you feel like one……….x
pluto178 wrote: Should read Pez x
Kmbhai wrote: Very nice..

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