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First Day Of Many

--by lewski711, posted May 4, 2023
First day of many to come:
Free water to the lucky thirsty person who stumbles upon this. The card says, "First gallon's on me," with a couple quarters.

Hope they don't think it's an April Fools prank.


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Mish wrote: Spot on, Lewski 👌🏻
patjos wrote: :)
Helenconnell2 wrote: Lovely idea!
DANCE wrote: :-)
pluto178 wrote: Lol………….I am sure if they need it they will try x
Kmbhai wrote: Wonderful..
4abetterworld wrote: 😊
Rajni wrote: You converted the water dispensing machine to kindness machine. Well done.
mindyjourney wrote: A couple of quarters goes a long way! :))

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