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Lovely Sharings…

--by Mish, posted May 4, 2023
📚 “ “The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, And all the sweet serenity of books” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

📚 Book synchronicity: I happened to have a book I had just bought that my neighbor noticed when she dropped by the other day with a birthday cake for hubby…it was a book she really wanted to read & was on a waiting list at our local library. She wanted a good book to take with her on her 2 week vacation…I insisted she take it 👌🏻

Another neighbor gifted us a generous serving of an apple cake she baked & boy it’s so good! 👌🏻

Blessed to have so many wonderful people on our block 🙏

🖼 Art by Henri Leclerc

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janfour wrote: cake and books - that's a good team. books are another one of those things that you can share and it grows and grows!!
fairykats wrote: mmmmm
unknown wrote: So very nice dear Mish. I have moved house and have met a few lovely people in my neighbourhood too. Feel so very blessed. I am sure I will share some cake with them one day.
pluto178 wrote: Nice to read in a hidden nook when in fact we are hidden from the world when we read as it takes us somewhere else…a lovely thought in these times. X I bought a book about a subject recently that I thought might help someone and thought better read it first and glad I did it would have scared her to death but his focus on the book was on my subject and yet as I read it I found myself drawn to another subject he talked about and that was so so useful to me recently information I needed to have to hand …….Tu works in mysterious ways I passed the book on and did not give it to the person I bought it for because I realised I had bought the book to help someone else………weird. X
Rajni wrote: Mish, you made a very good mixture of kindness with a book, a vacation and a neighbor. Thanks
petroskryf wrote: Book kindness + apple cake kindness = So sweet
mindyjourney wrote: Nothing like a good book to read while on vacation! Thank you sharing with neighbor 📚 🎂

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