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Goodbye, my friend

--by kmecmargy, posted May 9, 2023
A blind homeless man hung out in front of my barbershop. He greeted people, “hello, my friend” but didn’t directly ask for money.

My shop partner had a dream that she bathed this man, and the next day he knocked on the door and asked for a 2$ loan. We invited him in and washed his hair(and face and neck), cut his hair and gave him 2$. Which he paid back when he got his social security check. He said he gets robbed any time he has $. So eventually I became his address for his check, cashed it and doled it out as needed throughout the month. We became friends.

I found him one rainy evening, unable to get up from the sidewalk. I called a rig to get him to hospital (pneumonia). The rig driver put on gloves, heaved him onto the back of the van as if he were a duffle bag. We became his emergency contact, worked with social worker to get him a room in a shelter hotel who took over his money. Didn’t hear much for a couple years, until I got a call that he was in icu in coma. By this time I had contact info for family far away. Informed them, and our friends brother travelled to meet us at the hospital. My partner and I had bathed him, washed his hair again and shaved his beard. As we sat with his brother there in icu, we told him of his brother’s kindness, integrity, and how we will always remember him. He died in good company as we gently sang our prayers. Goodbye, my friend.
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Wavingatyou wrote: With a smile, 😌
cyctw wrote: Your friendship to him meant more than you will ever know. If only everyone showed as much compassion as you did for all of our brothers and sisters, especially those experiencing houselessness. Thank you for being there for this gentleman during his most difficult moments, and for escorting him through his transition 💜.
dance wrote: Anytime kindness is in the air, i smile. Thanks man for this.
dotmatrix wrote: You made his transition the very best kind, surrounded by loved ones. But more than that, you probably extended his life with your help and undoubtedly enriched it. This story had me in tears. Thank you so very much for sharing it. ♥.
Rajni wrote: Your friendship and loving care shined well from the start to the end. You did a wonderful job. May others follow suit. Thanks for sharing.
Mish wrote: You were both his Earth Angels 😇🙏😇. Bless. May he Rest In Peace now.
petroskryf wrote: Bless you
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your loving compassion 🙏.
cheeka wrote: Thank you for your noble thoughts and acts of kindness to a blind homeless man! May he rest in peace!
pluto178 wrote: People who do things like this are real kindness gurus thank you so much for all you did for him x

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