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The Day My Daughter, ...

--by lewski711, posted May 24, 2023
The day my daughter, Maya, was born I bought the newspaper and saved it. Also, that first week of her life I bought the popular toys of the day. I wrote letters to her randomly during her life and sealed them.
I hadn't looked at the paper, seen the toys or read the letters since they were sealed.

At the end of the month, she moves to five hours north. So, I felt today was the day to surprise her with the gifts from yesteryear. She seemed to pleased. She started reading the paper. She was thrilled with Sponge Bob, the Bratz doll and the Nickleodeon activities. 

She started reading the letters from the beginning, the first a poem a month before her birth, the second when she was two and half months old.

I think she was touched. It felt great to let her know what was going on when she first entered the world. I will miss her!
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Rajni wrote: Yours is a very inspiring way to please children and others.
DANCE wrote: How touching! I love what you've done, so much love!
mindyjourney wrote: Happy birthday to your dear daughter! πŸŽ‚ A thoughtful father you are 😊. Our job to give our children wings and you and wife have done well πŸ•ŠοΈ.
Mish wrote: This is brilliant, Lewski!!!!! What a great thing to have thought to do for her. Bravo πŸ‘πŸ»
pluto178 wrote: Ah I hope you bought the one for the day AFTER she was born as that contains the information and news of the day before when she was actually born lol x
dotmatrix wrote: What a beautiful idea. A time capsule. I love it. When my daughter was born I began writing in a journal and recorded every day of her first two years or so. I meant to keep it going but her brothers and sisters were born and life got a bit complicated. When she was 16 I gave her the journal. I had managed to fill it all in and save some newspaper clippings. She said she loved it. Your daughter is lovely! Best wishes to her in her new life north. Not too far to visit, Papa! β™₯.
gardengal10 wrote: Awww, so sweet!
scully wrote: Wow, super cool idea, I am currently writing notes to my daughters and speaking them, and waiting for the right moment to gift them..should probably wait til they are able to readπŸ˜€
cheeka wrote: Lovely!
kmbhai wrote: Happy birthday 🎁🎈 to your dearest daughter…

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