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❤️ We Are All Family Here….

--by Mish, posted May 24, 2023
I just had to go up to the gal at the reception desk in the doctor’s office this morning to share my appreciation….it was the first time there for me & her warmth, welcoming manner & great sense of humor made everyone feel “at home”.

❤️I walked up to her and said “you are so kind & comforting, God Bless You…you make such a difference here”. She beamed and said thank you.

I had no shyness or hesitation about doing it at all, as I sometimes might. That’s how powerful a positive presence she holds 🙏

As we were leaving & saying our good byes, her parting words were “we are all family here” ❤️
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DANCE wrote: Blessing to that wonderful soul
Lovebeingkind wrote: A brilliant act of kindness. So beautiful 💗
Rajni wrote: The words have immense power.

You used positive words to make positive impact on receptionist. You did a very good job. May others get inspired to follow suit.
kmbhai wrote: wonderful..
petroskryf wrote: Thank you for reaching out.
pluto178 wrote: Our receptionist at the docs also holds us all together especially in these times her kindness and humour are vital. X
gardengal10 wrote: How nice!
dotmatrix wrote: Thanks for sharing your appreciation, and the story about this lovely young woman. ♥.
mindyjourney wrote: Important to express our gratitude and kindness :). Well done, twinnie 🥰.
lewski711 wrote: She filled you bucket, then you filled hers! :)

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