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Sweet Kindness

--by lewski711, posted May 25, 2023
There are certain days of the year that I buy candy - December 26th, November 1st, February 15th, and the day after Easter. This is when candy can generally be purchased at half-price. I bought (these) this year.
Today I brought them to school and tossed them to teachers, admin, aids, and facility workers as I walked by. The smiles they elicited were wonderful, and my students got to see how even a small gesture could positively impact the day of someone else. 
With a three-dollar bag, I got smiles, "thank you"s, surprised looks, a "just what I needed at the right time, and even a couple of "I love you's".
Kindness doesn't have to be fancy. Small acts can have a big impact.


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Rajni wrote: There is no such thing as a small kind act. With ripple effects, you never know how big it could be.
Leolady wrote: Worth the sharing x 2! Hope you are feeling okay? !
amtoa wrote: Yum! Yum. Me love candy
unknown wrote: πŸ‘
pluto178 wrote: ❀️
Mish wrote: And who doesn’t like candy πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
mindyjourney wrote: So sweet! 🍭
AngieWilson wrote: It really is so easy to be kind and the payback is awesome!

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