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Keeping An Eye Out

--by SissyLee, posted Jun 3, 2023
My elder neighbor ended up going to the hospital via the paramedics. I called her best friend, who already knew and informed neighbors who care. Was asked to check to see if the door was locked, so I did and turned off the porch light and shut the blinds.
don’t know when she will be home but she is doing ok at the hospital.
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DANCE wrote: Thank you for being there
Mish wrote: Caring kindness 🙏 Light for your neighbor.
pluto178 wrote: Nice that someone is looking out for her x
gardengal10 wrote: Good neighbors are treasures.
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for keeping an eye out for neighbor’s home and informing others.
Rajni wrote: Turning off porch light, you turned light in many hearts - a loving care.
dotmatrix wrote: So kind of you Sissy. ♥.
petroskryf wrote: So kind of you to do those things for her.
scully wrote: Thanks for taking care of your neighbours

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